Learn how to measure and accelerate the enterprise analytics capabilities needed in your company to outperform your peers in today's competitive market.

In this article, you will learn about the importance of measuring and tracking the analytics maturity of your company. I will introduce the main industry-standard frameworks used to measure it, and finally, we will learn how to apply this in real life with a case study of a European wireless network operator.

This methodology is going to be helpful to identify and accelerate the analytical areas where the company is lagging to ultimately drive the most value out of analytics. The material covered in this article is mostly based on the excellent research done by the Internation Insitute for Analytics…

Analyzing connections, comparing and contrasting these analytical concepts while implementing them with real-life examples

In today’s article, we will learn about four main concepts that are important to consider when starting to lead analytical projects. These concepts include tools and frameworks that will assist you and your team to structure your analytics projects in a professional manner to consider all aspects involved in the use case. These collaboration tools will guide you from getting the raw data to the final step of making an important decision that will affect your company on a big scale.

First, we will give a short summary of each concept. Next, we will dive into more detail, and finally…

Estimate revenue and costs, evaluate the risks and calculate the value of your analytics projects with a useful framework that considers quantitative and qualitative factors

Companies, governments, and NGOs around the globe have realized the tremendous value that analytics can bring to their organizations. Automating processes to save thousands of human hours, improving decision-making based on data-driven analysis, and gaining a competitive advantage by becoming more agile and effective are only a few reasons why companies are heavily investing in analytics projects.

Having said that, it is essential that Chief Data Officers (CDOs) correctly evaluate the analytics use cases in a financial manner to convince the CFO and CEO to invest in the projects that bring the most value to their organizations.

To learn how…

How an MSc in Business Analytics helped me to accelerate my professional career and transition into data science

Image by author.

Some friends have asked me about my personal experience of studying a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Analytics in Norway and how was my journey to start a professional career in data science. This is why, I’ve decided to share my honest experience, so you can get a better idea of what to expect and hopefully help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

Additionally, I’ve decided to share my experience as a whole and not only talk about the master and its professional opportunities, so I will cover additional topics like some of the extracurricular…

Juan Manuel Ruiz Acosta

Advanced analytics junior consultant committed to unlocking the potential of data science in companies. Currently working at Emerson Electric in Mexico.

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